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My refund is still not processed. How do I escalate this?



  • hmnshpj

    I have a short answer that might help you in the process of receiving a refund from the Income Tax Department.

    Please follow the below steps:

    1. Please log in to the below link with the required details.

    If you getting your status here like

    Then your refund will be credited to your given bank within 7 working days.

    In case you are not getting your status then please follow the next steps.

    2. Log in to your income tax portal with your details: 

    3. Click on Grievance then submit Grievance. 

    4. Select the department as E-Filling, the Category as Refund Related, and the Sub Category as Refund/Refund-Issue Status.

    5. After clicking the continue button, it will ask you to fill in extra details.

    6. Add your Form 16 and other documents in the attachment and submit them.

    After doing all this process, within a week you will receive emails from Income Tax.


    I hope this will help.🙂

    Himanshu Paswan

  • shaheidsaleem1234



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