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Taxation of Long Term Capital Gains from A.Y. 2019-20



  • pravin.chaudhari

    Capital gain option is not enabled. I have followed up multiple times. Please let me know if you dont plan to enable this option so that it will help me use another service to file return.

  • prajith1

    Any plan to enable to gather capital gain details?

  • anilgadroo

    Why Capital Gain Option is not depicted in Source of Income Options this year. Please Check

  • niloy.gogoi

    Capital Gains is not enabled. How is it to be taken care of?

  • koshyat

    Capital Gain has not been enabled. We need to know if you will be enabling it ,

    Otherwise we have to start off with another Tax sevice website..

    Inspite of repeated emails , we still have not received a reply.We expect a better response from you

    Kindly revert!!



  • tpraghesh

    The option for filing Capital  Gain/ Loss is not enabled. Could you update when this will be enabled .


  • rln_in

    For AY 2021-22, I am waiting for Capital Gains section to appear since I am already half way through in filling up of various columns of Tax return. For my earlier query, you had replied this will appear in the week starting 19th July 2021.  But this does not appear so far in the format for filling up Income details  etc.,.

    Please expedite. Thanks = RL Narasimhan  [ User id =  rln_in2 ]  / 22nd July 2021


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