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Relief under section 89(1) for arrears of salary



  • alexbhatt49

    My father retired in 2006. From 2006 to 2016, until he passed away, he was underpaid his pension by his employer. Finally in 2020 the employer admitted to the mistake and paid the entire arrears of ten years in one lump sum which amounted to the highest tax bracket of 30%, which was deducted at source. In the early years, his annual arrears were not even in the taxable bracket, but taken together for ten years, it was in the 30% bracket.  My questions : 1) is it legal to impose the tax on an income which should have been received 14 years ago ? 2) is it possible to recover the tax deducted ?

  • goyalvinod62

    Whether employer can allow relief us 89.1 while paying arrears.

  • moreswap1977

    My name is swapnil I got arrears .on this year I submitted frm 10(e)but they cut my tax Ani they submitted 2 income tax office...they don't give me relief from 10 e


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