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The Demand entries communicated by ITD CPC in my case are erroneous and ITD CPC has adjusted these demands against my refund. Whom to contact to clarify the correct position of demand?



  • mcbasak

    In my case a demand was issued by CPC for AY 2003-04. Matter has been pursued with the Assessing Officer, Bamboo Villa, Kolkata and who after verification intimated me that no outstanding demand exists in their record for AY 2003-04. Subsequently they have intimated to CPC through their own system. Still then the CPC has adjusted their raised demand from the refund amount in the AY 2015-16. I do not know who can resolve this issue.  

  • dmanab

    Hi Madhab,
    My issue exactly similar to you. I am yet visit the Kolkata office. Can you please help what I need to do in Kolkata office?

    Also for your case, finally the issue with CPC resolved?
    Manab Das


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